We convert, cleanse, manipulate, maintain, enhance, and deliver data.

DIG provides custom data management solutions with a consultative approach, focusing on tailored results and aggressive turnaround times. We uncover the power of data to maximize ROI and create effective, meaningful connections for our clients.

Data Cleansing / Manipulation

  • Multi-pass hygiene, duplicate removal, merge/purge
  • Address updates and validation: NCOA, PCOA, LACS, DPV
  • Data comparison and manipulation, application of business rules and logic
  • Variable appends, campaign assignment, file preparation, auditing
  • Third party processing of pre-screening services for Experian & Equifax credit bureaus, including net down postings
Data Enhancements / Transformation

  • Lead optimization
  • Email, Phone appends, reverse phone appends
  • Phone verification (including mobile)
  • Demographic, psychographic, firmographic appends & modeled data overlays
  • Targeted list acquisition (including new movers and pre-movers)
  • Geocoding (latitude/longitude)
  • Do Not Call/Do Not Mail/Deceased/Prison/Bankruptcy suppressions
Data Management / Understanding

  • Custom householding and match ID generation
  • Multi-buyer/donor identification
  • Geospatial processing and mapping
  • Customer segmentation, profiling, and valuation
  • Data refreshes, updates, recaptures
  • Marketing campaign development and touch point scheduling by channel
  • Assignment of dynamic variable messaging
  • Management/operational performance reporting
  • Results tracking and response reporting
  • Online customer data access and data visualization reporting tools
  • Predictive and results-based modeling/analytics
Data Delivery

  • Customer and/or marketing database warehousing and maintenance
  • Custom campaign research tools
  • Mail, email, phone, SMS file processing, record selection, and file delivery
  • Data delivery and coordination with retargeting resources
  • Automated scheduled file and report delivery
  • Optional coordination with production resources as needed